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  • 2019-05-19

    Cilium Code Walk Through: cilium-health

    This post walks you through the cilium-health design and implementation. Codebased on Cilium 1.5.0.The Cilium Health Design$ ps -efUID PID PPID TIME CMDroot 1 0 00:00:29 cilium-agent --kvstore=etcd --kvstore-opt=etcd.config=xxx -...

  • 2019-05-18

    Cilium Code Walk Through: Restore Endpoints And Identities On Restart

    This post walks you through the endpoint and identity restoring process duringCilium agent initialization. Code based on Cilium 1.5.0.Call flows:runDaemon // daemon/daemon_main.go |-NewDaemon ...

  • 2019-05-13

    Cilium Code Walk Through: CIDR Init

    This post walks you through the CIDR selection process during Cilium agentinitialization. Code based on Cilium 1.5.0.Cilium agent also acts as the local IPAM, responsible for IP allocations withinthe node, so it needs a CIDR. There are several way...

  • 2019-05-06

    Awesome BPF Resources

    Awesome BPF resources that I’ve ever read (and would like to read many times).1 Introduction & Overview Elena Zannoni, New (and Exciting!) Developments in LinuxTracing,LinuxCon, 2015 Exciting! Matt Fleming, A thorough introducti...

  • 2019-04-27


    This post alsoprovides an English version: Ctrip Network Architecture Evolution in theCloud Computing Era.前言本文内容来自我在 GOPS 2019 深圳站 的同名分享。和演讲的版本相比,本文叙述方式稍有调整,以更适合阅读,另外对内容做了少量更新。以下是正文。正文本文介绍云计算时代以来携程在私有云和公有云上的几代网络解决方案。希望这些内容可以给业内同行,尤其是那些设计和维护同等规模网络的...